Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure! – Videogame Longplay (2002) / No commentary

Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure! – Videogame Longplay (2002) / No commentary

Join Barbie as Rapunzel on a creative adventure! A terrible spell has ruined the enchanted castle and turned Prince Stefan to stone! Play trough eight magical adventures redecorating the castle and searching for missing gems to bring the Prince back to life. Only you can help Rapunzel save the kingdom in time for the Masquerade Ball!

Funnybone Development Team
President: Joel Fried
Vice President / Creative Director: Susan Decker
Executive Producer: Jacqueline Decker
Producer: Chris Lewis
Programming Project Lead: Mike Sweet
Contributing Programmers: Leo Cetinski, Rebecca Lovelace
Design: Susan Decker, Jacqueline Decker, Bill Gusky, Chris Lewis, Mike Sweet
Script: Susan Decker, Bill Gusky
Art Director: Bob Ostrom
Content: Susan Decker, Jacqueline Decker, Bill Gusky, Chris Lewis
Concept Artists: Mark Coven, Ken Perkins, Paul Pham, Dimitry Epstein, Zack Strebeck, Art Vogt, Ryan Wiesbrock
3D Department Managers: Chris Cherubini, Dave Chiapperino
3D Art Project Lead: Chris Cherubini
3D Animation Project Lead: Dave Chiapperino
3D Animators: Richard Cheek, Ted Forgrave
3D Artists: Ben Bathen, Mike Berger
Background Department Mananger and Project Lead: Phil Straub
Background Artists: Iya Tucker, Dimitry Epstein, Art Vogt, James Moore, Nigel Foo
Production Art Project Lead: Greg Kleid
Production Artists: Joan Zei, Peggy Smith, Lisa Scollan
Quality Assurance Test Team: Madison Schilling, Victoria Schilling, Laura O’Neill
Sound Department Manager and Project Lead: Joel Gould
Contributing Sound Designer: Jeffrey Zweig
Director of Dialog: Edgar Gresores
“Rapunzel’s Magical Castle” Lyrics and Arrangement: Joel Gould
Music: Jeffrey Zweig
Produced By: Jeffrey Zweig, Joel Gould
Performed By: Judith Alden
Additional Music: Arnie Roth and the London Symphony Orchestra, Includes themes from Symphony No. 9 (New World) by Antonín Dvořák

“Rapunzel Theme” Performed By: Becky Taylor
Music By: Arnie Roth
Mattel, Music Inc. (ASCAP)
Becky Taylor appears courtesy of EMI Classics
“Constant As the Stars Above” Performed By: Jessica Brown
Words and Music By: Rob Hudnut and Arnie Roth
Mattel, Music Inc. (ASCAP)
“Wish Upon A Star” Performed By: Samantha Mumba
Words and Music By: Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Pelle Ankarberg
Produced and Arranged By: Korpi and BlackCell for Murlyn Music AB
Guitar By: BlackCell
Warner-TamerIane Publishing Corp. (BMI)
Obo Redfiy Music (STIM)
Samantha Mumba appears courtesy of Polydor Limited
Recording Engineers: Jonathan Allen, Simon Rhodes, Chris Szuberla
Craig Bauer, Mathew Prock, Chris Sabold, Dave Cwirko
Assisted By: Chris Bolster, Andrew Dudman, Ron Lowe
Steve Johnson, Chris Manes
Music Editing: Chris Szuberla
Music Production Assistants: John Blasucci, Fritz Hocking, Eric Roth, Marcy Roth, Cameron Schroeder, Chris Szuberla, Christine Worthing
Music Copyist: Jet Copy / Jeffrey Turner
Music Contracting Services: AWR Music L.L.C.
Knowledge Adventure Development Team:
Producer: Dana Feffer
Assistant Producer: Heather Marsden
Executive Producer: Robert Nashak
Director of Development: Cathy Siegel
Creative Director: Ben Badgett
Art Directors: Ellen Kirk, Chris Williams
Brand Manager: Melanie Bullock
Associate Brand Manager: Ginger Martinez
Marketing Coordinator: Angelina Coley
Director of Marketing: Beckie Holmes
Manager, Technical Development: Bryen Aoyama
Manager, R&D Support Services: Gina Schmitz
Quality Assurance Lead: Dave Basen
Quality Assurance Associate Lead: Karen Forbes
Quality Assurance Test Team: Juliet Nimmo, Daniel Lee, Jason Jue, Cameron Austin, Brian Mathison, Virginia Suchodolski, Andrew Dank, Linda Quinlan, David Frischling, Emad Farraj, Mayra Orellana, Don Carroll, Robert Gardner
Configuration Manager: Harold Morris
Configuration Engineers: Rob Gardner, Mark Jihanian, Afolabi Akibola, Jason Perry, Jon-Paul Walton
Tech Support Representative: Mike Smith
Product Control: Chris Rooker, Randy Linch, Brandon Valdez, Cyra Talton, Trent Cline
Quality Assurance Brand Manager: WIadia Summers
Quality Assurance Director: Stuart Hay
Sr. Research Analyst: Irene Lane
Consumer Research Assistants: Maria Andrews, Patricia Ballas
Documentation: Cathy Johnson, Joe Skelley, Pamela Blanford
Casting and Voice Direction: Tom Keegan
Dialogue Recording: Rich Seitz
Music Supervisor: Andrea Toyias
Director of Sound and Video: Christian Johnson
Video Producer: Gopika Sharma
Install Team: Gina Schmitz
Manager of Shared Services: Mike Bowman
Special Thanks: Leslie House, Ed Zobrist, Faye Schwartz, Dyan Daglas, Jacqui Bracey, Michael Bannon, Marcela Cabrera, Michelle Garnier Winkler
Voice Talent:
Barbie: Chris Anthony
Penelope: Monica Lee Gradischek
Gothel: Diane Pershing
Dove: Gaille Heidemann
Prince Stefan: Robin Atkin Downes

The gigantic box that this game came with:

Dutch version:
Swedish version:
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