Digimon Battle Spirit 2 – 1P Mode Agunimon ''Cherubimon Boss'' – Part 1

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What’s up Guys?! Today we’re starting our NEW LP, Digimon Battle Spirit 2 For The Gameboy Advance!This Game is really Dope and if you love Digimon Frontier! You gonna love this game for sure!!! If You Guys Are Hyped For This Series Make Sure To HIT THAT SEXY LIKE BUTTON!!!! 😀

About Digimon Battle Sprit 2
The plot echoes that of Digimon Frontier; several children receive messages on their cell phones asking them if they want their lives to change. Some answer yes, some answer no. Five who answer yes are summoned to the Digital World where they receive the ability to become Digimon and fight to end Cherubimon’s reign of terror.

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