[FLASH] Kamen Rider Ex-Aid v 10.27.11 beta

[FLASH] Kamen Rider Ex-Aid v 10.27.11 beta

UPDATE v 10.27.11 beta
+ 3 Riders: Cronus / Cronus GameDeus, Poppy / Evil Poppy, True Brave.
+ 3 Gashats: Hyper Muteki, Taddle Legacy, Tokimeki Crisis,
+ 6 Proto Gashats (Scroll left to find them) Mighty Action X Origin, Taddle Quest, Bang bang Shooting, Bakushou Bike Mighty, Jet Combat, Shakariki Sport.
+ Buggle Driver Zwei (click on left Gashat Selection for full transformation instead, Right ones for forms change)
+ 4 Weapons: Gashacon BlayGun, True Brave Sword, GameDeus Sword+Shield.

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