Hứng trứng gà – Catching the eggs | GamePlay

Hứng trứng gà – Catching the eggs | GamePlay

Catch the Eggs is an engaging and addictive Trip Trap Simulator game and its FREE of cost.
Oh baby girl, there’s a baby chicken that needs you very much ! Its eggs are falling… Oh, another egg comes down … You can’t let the baby chicken down. Download and become an egg catcher right now ! Who can help the chicken catch them all ? The king among virtual egg catchers, Chicken Egg Catcher & Falling is the go-to simulator for every boy and girl !
You don’t want to see the eggs splash and they will if they fall down and you can’t catch them !
Be quick as a mouse and nimble like a ninja. Egg is falling, Don’t let it splash. Become an expert egg catcher. Jump onto the road to victory now for free !
An egg splash is so realistic; you just have to catch it before the fall… When you see the baby chicken. No egg catchers were this fun before, but oh boy, this time it’s different… The game is on. It’s falling – you catch it. The road to becoming an expert egg catcher is not easy, but a ninja like you is surely up for it ?
How to Play ?
★ Your target will be to catch the golden colored eggs as many as possible in the basket
★ Catching 1 white egg will increase your score by 1
★ Swipe drag the basket to left or right using your finger swipe or tap any place anywhere on screen to drag directly the basket to bottom of that tapped place
★ If you catch a black egg , you will lose the game
★ Current score and the highest score is also visible inside game
★ Pause or Play the Game
Catch Eggs is lovable and fascinating which is fun for whole family, mostly for girls and children.
If you know someone who is fan of chicken games, suggest them this one.
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