PSP – Iron Man 2 – LongPlay [4K:60FPS]🔴

PSP – Iron Man 2 – LongPlay [4K:60FPS]🔴

Well this game is pretty damn bad, there was a point in this game that i thought that i were having fun but that moment past really fast.
It is a bad looking bad game.

“There’s just no reason to get either of these versions of Iron Man (or the other console versions for that matter). I was hoping the Wii controls and High voltage development could make the game exciting and fun, but it came off very bland and ho-hum. Not terrible, but just not interesting. The PSP version is even worse because of its bad controls and limited amount of enemies. If you want to be Iron Man, go get Marvel Ultimate Alliance or something, because this isn’t cutting it.” – IGN

Metacritic – 49

Time stamps
00:00 – intro
Home Invesion – 1:14
Black Gold – 17:15
Breadcrumbs – 29:18
Cold War – 34:44
Nikola’s Legacy – 42:35
Follow The Leader – 53:49
Under Siege – 58:36
To The Rescue – 1:06:31
Live Bait – 1:10:34
Firepower – 1:24:21
No Safe Place – 1:33:16
Payback – 1:43:01
Mano A Mano – 1:53:40
The Best Defense – 1:58:13
Into The Eye – 2:06:14
Hollowed Ground – 2:10:52
Chasing Ghosts – 2:16:42
Stark’s Monster – 2:26:44
Corpus Callosum – 2:29:35
Terminal Infection – 2:41:07

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