My name is Target, I’m a professional slitherio player. I record all the videos on my channel myself. I try to produce high quality and unique content by making high scores. I also do 10-15 hours of editing to make these videos the funniest I’ve ever created. We work day and night to make the content that I create the funniest and greatest. I hope you’ll be enjoy 🙂

7-8 hours of recording and 10-15 hours of editing but I love it.

• Game info:
Slitherio is a massively multiplayer browser game. Players control the character like a snake, leaving more colorful pieces behind when the snake goes fast if it becomes too big in the game; the main goal of the game is to become the server’s longest snake.

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Goblins From Mars

Miza – The Return

Timmo Hendriks – Machine

Deny O.K. & Bonkersless – Instinct

Desmeon – Back From The Dead [NCS Release]

HardJaxx & Puma Reyes – 12 Hrs

Desmeon – Back From The Dead [NCS Release]

Spitfya x Desembra – Cut The Check [NCS Release]

Nerow – Titan

Miza – Remember

Tom Vanko _ Mark Vank – Origin

Anikdote – Turn It Up [NCS Release]

Eric Rodriguez – Lion

Hize – My Heaven

Miza – Jumbo

Eric Rodriguez – PANL!

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