Tarzan Action Game (PC) Full 100% Walkthrough

Disney’s Tarzan is an action platformer video game developed by Eurocom and published by Disney Interactive for the PC (also on PS1 and N64) in 1999 based on the Disney animated film Tarzan. Konami published the game for its Japanese release. I’ll be doing the walkthrough on this game on the hard difficulty level…

00:00:00 Opening logos
00:00:56 Welcome to the Jungle
00:06:20 Going Ape
00:14:56 The Elephant Hair Dare
00:26:24 Stampede
00:30:01 Coming of Age
00:43:50 Sabor Attacks
00:57:02 The Baboon Chase
01:02:39 Trashing the Camp
01:11:29 Campsite Commotion
01:21:47 Journey to the Treehouse
01:34:38 Rockin’ the Boat
01:39:30 Tarzan to the Rescue
01:45:02 Conflict with Clayton
01:50:05 Game Completed/Credits

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