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English Subtitle

Another film, Ozcan Denise, Meriem Uzerli and Asley Enver, is on YouTube in HD quality!

The film is a genre of tension and drama that promises new content for Turkish cinema and makes viewers watch a tense and tense story.

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Movie Subject:
A successful man leads a happy life with his new girlfriend Ace. One day, however, Sarah, an ambitious former lover, reunites with her job offer, which she cannot refuse. The man who took his beloved Ace with him changed his city to a new job and was soon destroyed by the disappearance of Ace. Ece left a farewell video behind her, but no one heard from Ece. As soon as a person tries to fill the absence of Es with Sarah, he begins to find traces of Es all over the world. Sarah also hears voices throughout the house. They slowly embark on a path full of fear and paranoia …

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